Swedish bagpipes


Closeup of chanter and drone
Bagpipes in the Nordic countries (and Sweden in particular):
Allmo, Per-Ulf, Säckpipan i Norden, Musikmuseets skrifter 18, AllWin hb, Stockholm & Uppsala 1990. ISBN 91-7970-846-3; ISSN 0282-8952.
(The Book is in Swedish, but there is an English summary)

The first work on the Swedish bagpipe tradition:

Rehnberg, Mats, Säckpipan i Sverige, Nordiska museets handlingar 18, Stockholm 1943.
(Also in Swedish)

A paper in English on the Swedish bagpipes:

Gudmundson, Per, "The bagpipe and its place, past and present, in Swedish folk music", in the Proceedings of the International Bagpipe Symposium, Uitgeverij 11&30, pp. 79-94, The Hague, Netherlands, 1988.

And another, derived from this Web page:

Gällmo, Olle, "Box of delights", The Bagpipe Society Magazine, pp. 5-9, Summer 1999. Available online

A paper with a focus on the revival process, rather than on the instrument:

Ronström, Owe, "Making Use of History: The Revival of the Bagpipe in Sweden in the 1980s", in the UNESCO 1989 Yearbook of Traditional Music, pp. 95-108, 1989.

A paper on the Swedish bagpipe history and how the instrumentet has evolved after the revival. Also a summary of the most common theories on the instrument's origin. The paper is a printed version of a talk given at the International Bagpipe Conference 2012, in London, March 2012:

Gällmo, Olle, "On the Origin of the Screeches - the Evolution of the Swedish Bagpipes", Chanter - The Journal of the Bagpipe Society, Autumn 2013, pp. 15-20, 2013.

About synthetic reeds for Swedish bagpipes:

Gällmo, Olle, "Synthetic chanter reeds for Swedish bagpipes", Chanter - The Journal of the Bagpipe Society, Spring 2015, pp. 19-25, 2015.

A book on bagpipes in general, and their history:

Baines, Anthony, Bagpipes, Pitt Rivers Museum, Occasional Papers on Technology, 9, Oxford University Press, 3rd edition, 1995. ISBN 0 902793 10 1.

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